Boom's Top 10 Irish Whiskeys for St Patrick's Day

With St Patrick's day just a few hours away it's almost time for the global celebration of all things Irish (despite the fact the St Patrick was born in England and only taken to Ireland by kidnapping Pirates). Here, we look at our favourite whiskeys from over the Irish Sea. Whether you like your whiskey straight, in a cocktail or to go alongside your favourite stout there's plenty choice so everyone can have a bit of Irish in them this week... 10. Redbreast 12yo At number 10, it's straight in with an old favourite. Red Breast is named after the robin which lives all year round at the Middleton Distillery, its Pot Still Whiskey is made in the traditional Irish method of using both malted and

Celebrating St David's Day: Wet your whistle with Welsh Whisky

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, there is sure to an abundance of Jameson and Paddy’s and even the likes of Teeling being poured in pubs and bars across the world. Thanks to the novelty green, leprechaun hats and with over 1/5 of all Americans claiming Irish descent, Paddy’s day is kind of hard to avoid. Saint David’s day on the other hand seems to be a bit more sobering than its Irish neighbours. An image of St. Patrick dancing on a table while St. David sits behind the duke box whispering insults under his breath comes to mind. I don’t know if the two drank in the same pub, but it’s a nice thought none the less. Regardless, David’s Day was on March 1st as a

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